Specialised Fields

Our team members develop in their work new and innovative approaches that redefine the landscape of international relations, history, economics, regional studies, and international law. We explore how notions of global ordering were used and interpreted across different specialised fields, including - but not limited to - humanitarianism, regionalism, international institutions, food security, expertise, and international law. As part of our ongoing projects, we investigate how international institutions used different forms of expertise and ordering concepts to address turbulence in different areas, spanning health, law, economics, and food security. In the realm of adaptation, our scholarly focus on how regional and international institutions harnessed expertise aligns with the adaptive nature of (humanitarian) institutions during turbulent times. Our research not only contributes to understanding the historical evolution of international (legal) institutions in the Global South and elsewhere, but also sheds light on how they learn, reform, and communicate in response to emerging challenges, whether being armed conflicts or geopolitical challenges.